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Born in Padua, Northern Italy, I live in Sardinia since 1985. My main interests are: Sustainable Development of Tourism and Conservation of Marine Protected Areas. As a Publishing Consultant I edited book series like "Coste e Mari d'Italia" (Italian Coasts and Seas), and contributed to several volumes on Marine Protected Areas. I am also the editor of the international editions of "Best Dives in the World" and "Shipwrecks, the best dives in the world".
I published several books on marine environments and a collection of travel stories: "Il cercatore di esche" (The Bait Seeker). More recently, I have realized a series of illustrated guides "Conchiglie del Mediterraneo" (Seashells of the Mediterranean) and "Nudibranchi del Mediterraneo" (Nudibranchs of the Mediterranean). My latest books are "Sardegna del Nord" (Northern Sardinia), "Viaggio in Gallura" (A Journey through Gallura), and "Biodiversity 2010 - Habitats and species in Olbia Tempio Province". My most important book, "Atlas of Mediterranean Flora e Fauna" has reached its third expanded and updated edition. Since 2005 I am a consultant for the Italian Television RAI One program "Linea Blu". My granddaughters are Frida and Rita (who started walking on January 3, 2010). Pina has been bearing with me for more than twenty years.
I've definitly adopted digital photography, using Nikon D2X e D3X with optics from 10.5 to 500. For underwater I use Fuji S2Pro because of its wonderful capability of letting me recycle the old but fantastic TTL 300N flash by Sea and Sea. Inside the watertight housing on the S2Pro, I preferably use the 12-24 Nikkor and the 60 MicroNikkor. For quick underwater jobs, I also use an old Nikon 5000 with Sea & Sea housing and wideangle lens.
I work on a Mac computer and I am reasonably familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark XPress 7. Whenever possible, I make a point of supervising personally all the production steps of my books, from graphical design, to page layout, image processing, and preprint.
In my activity, I have three main passions: marine environment, archaeology, mostly underwater, and ornitology. In my travels, and in my work in general, I look for the simplicity of nature, no hypes at any cost. Instead, I'm intrigued by details.

Photo by Pier Augusto Panzalis

© Egidio Trainito